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Open Sourcery is a software engineering and web development club at the University of Maryland. We aim to promote and teach software development, enable member projects, and lower the barrier of entry to programming.

What We Do


Members lead educational workshops on topics they are knowledgeable and passionate about. We host workshops bi-weekly and at bigger events such as hackathons.


We support members leading projects by providing them with resources and community support, and help other members find and join a project they are passionate about.

Code Days

In the future, we plan on hosting weekend-long hackathons and day-long code days. Some will be member-only, but most will be open to the public free of charge.

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LSTM Stock Predictor
Eric Robertson

Uses machine learning via tensorflow to predict stock prices.

Emery Bacon

Particle swarm optimization visualization in Processing.

Donald Isaac

A static site generator inspired by Rail's ActionView and powered by Handlebars

Raytrace Renderer
Donald Isaac

A rendering engine using raytracing and phong shading in Java.

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